Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Wind Singer by Tyler

The Wind Singer was written William Nicholson, and it is the first book in the Wind on Fire trilogy. This book was about a boy named Bowman and his twin sister, named Kestrel. Bowman and Kestrel had to save the world from the Zars and the Morah. The Zars were trying to kill everyone in their path, and nothing could stop them. The Morah controlled the Zars, and they wanted to get rid of everyone. Bowman and Kestrel were able to get the voice of the Wind Singer from a mountain the far North, and took it back to the town they lived in, called Arameth. They took it took back to the middle of town, where there was a statue of the Wind Singer. This kept the Zars away and saved the town!
There are two more books in this series. I don't think that I will actually read those. This book was pretty good, but I wasn't left wanting to read more. I'm glad I read this one, but that was probably enough for me.


  1. I can tell by your review you didn't like this book as much as some of the others you have read. Of course saying you won't read the other books in the series is a pretty big clue too. I find that when I don't enjoy books it is usually because I don't care about the characters in the story. Is that what happened here?

    Mr. C

  2. Thanks for your honesty about your feelings for the book. Are there any books that you read over and over again?