Sunday, May 27, 2012

Who Pooped in the Park?

Who Pooped in the Park? Glacier National Park by Gary D. Robson
Review by David

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I gave it this rating because it is one of my favorite books I have read.
Some interesting facts that I learned are (1) to learn about animals, you don't have to have the scary kind of encounter but the poopy kind, and (2) Grizzlies are really big bears. You might be surprised to know all animals have different sized poop. I think you would like this book because it teaches you about different animals in a fun way.

Here's the website about my book and the series.


  1. My 3 yr old buzzy is all into poop. Maybe I can read him parts of the book. He LOVED the book cover!!

  2. You can find one of the books from the park service for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park too. I've seen it at the visitor's centers. Too cute!

  3. David, I just saw this book on Pinterest. It caught my eye..that title, you know!! :) It is good to hear about it from someone who has actually read it. My 5th graders would love it! I need to get a copy for them. Thanks for the excellent review. Now, I have a question for any chance, did they call the "poop" by another, more technical name in the book? Just wondering..... :)