Monday, March 25, 2013

School Story

Title: School Story
Author: Andrew Clements

S - School Story tells you how hard it is to get a book published.
C - Clara was one of the staff members at the publishing company.
H - Hannah Nelson is Natalie's mom.
O - Oh, I was shocked when Natalie's mom thought Ms.Clayton was Cassandra Day.
O - Oh I never knew that there was ever a Cassandra Day.
L - Letha is Natalie's mom's boss at the publishing company.

S - Some of the main characters are Zoe,  Natalie , and Ms.Clayton.
T - To begin with, Natalie wanted to write her own book called The Cheater.
O - Out of the Natalie's 2 choices of Hannah and Letha, she chose Hannah.
R - Ron is somebody from a news channel.
Y -  Yes! Natalie's mom was so happy that her daughter was actually Cassandra Day.

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  1. This is a great idea to do book reviews in this format. I like how you kept it short and sweet yet it got your point across.