Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guardians of Ga'Hoole - Books 1-6

Book Titles: The Capture, The Journey, The Rescue, The Siege, The Shattering, The Burning

Author: Kathryn Lasky

The Good Guys... 

Soren -  Soren is a barn owl he is from the forest kingdom of Tyto. When Soren was only a hatchling, his brother Kludd pushed him out of the nest.
Gylfie - Gylfie was a elf owl from the kingdom of Kuneer. She and Soren are best friends, and they escaped from St.Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls.
Twilight - Twilight is from the kingdom of Ambala. He lives with a burrowing in a big hole. He is a good friend of Soren and Gylfie. He didn't have any training of anything. He had to train himself how to do the basic stuff like flying, hunting and other stuff.
Digger - Digger is a burrowing owl and is from the desert of Kuneer. He is living with a great gray named Twilight. He is a great friend of Gylfie, Soren, and Twilight.He is the smartest owl of the band.
Guardians of Ga'Hoole - Is a great owl tree where you learn in these different chaws, as they call them. These are the chaws: Tracking, search and rescue, colliering, navigation, and weathering. It is also where Lyze of Keil lives (a great legendary fighter.)

The Bad Guys...

Kludd - Kludd is a barn owl and is from the forest kingdom of Tyto. He pushed Soren out of the nest when they were hatchlings. When he got older, he joined the Pure Ones.
The Pure Ones - The pure ones are these bad owls who are led by Metal Beak, (Kludd). They are trying to take over the Great Ga'Hoole Tree.

My Favorite Thing About the Series...
There are lots of things I love about the series, but my favorite is when Kludd gets killed by Gylfie with a ice splinter. Then everybody started to retreat because their next commander (Nyra, which was Kludd's mate) told them to, and that night their chick was born.

One Thing I Can't Wait to Find Out...
After finishing 6 of the 15 books in the series, I can't wait to find out if there will be another war between the Pure Ones and the Great Ga' Hoole tree.

It's Not Quite Like the Movie...
You may have seen the movie, and you don't think you need to read the book. Think again! Here are some ways that the books are different than the movie. In the movie Kludd and Soren end up falling out of the nest, not just Soren. In the movie, you don't realize how evil Kludd is. In the book, he is a bad, bad owl, even from the beginning. He was always jealous of Soren, and he pushed him out of the nest. Also, in the book Egglatine got shattered, but in the movie she did not get shattered. The book is also different because in the movie Soren's nest maid snake she almost became dinner, but in the book they find her while looking for something to eat.

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